Honeybee Driving School

HoneyBee is not an average driving school, we specialize in assisting a certain type of learner that needs additional support and information during training. We give you a more informative base when training and take a detailed approach to make sure you are able to handle every possible scenario on the road before introducing you to traffic and driver's test.

Driver Training

Our training structure follows a step by step process covering detailed theory, followed by practice in a controlled environment before traffic application. We specialize in training for learners who are very nervous and learners who have developed a fear of driving and/or who have repeatedly failed their test.

Driving Lessons

We only accept a limited amount of applicants at our school. The learners that we do accept are given the time and attention that's needed. We work from 7AM to 8PM x 7 days a week and cover all areas with a pick up and drop off service. We work according to your required times.

Get Your Learners Easy.

48% of 1.1 million people writing their learner's test fail, It is due to this reason we offer leaner's classes before you write your test ensuring a pass and saving time and risk of rebooking.

The K53 Driving Licence Test.

This is a practical driving test to determine the ability of aspirant motor vehicle drivers and motorcycle riders. The driving test measures a driver's proficiency regarding: the handling of a vehicle; obedience to traffic rules, road signs, traffic signals and surface markings; correct application of the K53 defensive driving system through all aspects of the test; and coping with traffic problems in practical driving situations.


Honeybee driving school was established in early 2000 and grew in popularity due to our expert instructors who provide training and safety on K53 which grants learners with a bit more edge on their test. Together with assisting you in obtaining your licence, we also ensure you are empowered with the rules of the road to ensure the safety of yourself and others. Our instructors are effective in securing test date bookings , and well renowned for their patience and precision.

Client Comments

Thank you to Honeybee driving school for helping me get my licence. Their service was excellent and would recommend them anyone and everyone. Thank you

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